The "Double-Dip" Debate

Each day there seems to be another opinion or someone else weighing in on the "double-dip"/no "double-dip" debate.

Double-dip has become a favorite search term. You will hear and read plenty of opinions on this subject all day. I personally don't have/have not had an opinion. To me, finding situations where businesses are mispriced may not exactly be easy but seems doable and worthwhile by comparison.

Predicting what the entire economy is going to do? No idea.

Predicting the future of an individual company? Possible.

So count me out of the whether the economy will "double-dip" debate but at least we have Seinfeld to fall back on whenever that term gets used.

Video: George & Timmy Debate Double Dip

George takes a chip from the bowl, dips it, takes a bite, and then dips again. Timmy, the brother of George's girlfriend, then rushes over.

Timmy: What are you doing? 
George: What? 
Timmy: Did, did you just double dip that chip? 
George: Excuse me? 
Timmy: You double dipped the chip! 
George: Double dipped? What, what are you talking about? 
Timmy: You dipped the chip. You took a bite, *points at the dip* and you dipped again. 
George: So? 
Timmy: That's like putting your whole mouth right in the dip. From now on, when you take a chip, just take one dip and end it. 
George: Well, I'm sorry, Timmy, but I don't dip that way. 
Timmy: Oh, you don't, huh? 
George: No. You dip the way you wanna dip. I'll dip the way I wanna dip. 
(George grabs another chip, dips it, takes a bite and begins to reach for the dip as Timmy grabs his hand) 
Timmy: Gimme the chip! 
(The argument becomes an all-out brawl between George and Timmy)

Other than Seinfeld, I've had enough of the double-dip debate.

If there happens to be one, that just means shares of good businesses will likely get cheaper which is a good thing for those with a longer horizon.

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The "Double-Dip" Debate
The "Double-Dip" Debate
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