IPO Process In The U.S.

The IPO process in the U.S. apparently needs an upgrade.

This Wall Street Journal article points out:

- Big investment banks don't like to be bothered with firms with less than $ 250 million in market value.
- There are 4,000 to 5,000 small companies in Silicon Valley that would like to raise capital (in the $ 10 million to $ 30 million range).

The article adds that most banks can't be bothered with such piddly deals. 

 The above is just another example of how processes of capital formation and allocation have taken a step backward. We need more capital to efficiently get in the hands of those with the best ideas (something that the US historically excelled at) to encourage innovation and job creation.

More from the article:

If great oaks are to grow from acorns, the seedlings could surely use a little help.

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Addressing these weaknesses can't happen soon enough.

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IPO Process In The U.S.
IPO Process In The U.S.
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